Fine Art

"Amy Adams' artwork is visual harmony. Her colors, fluid lines, and subjects dance together with vibrancy and emotion. We're so happy that her artwork hanging on our walls has become part of the love and energy of our home."

Chrissy Miller, Ph.D.


"Amy is a true creative, an artist of the highest caliber. She expresses so much emotion with paint on canvas, or pencil on paper—her work is extraordinary. I purchased an original painting by Ms. Adams and it sits proudly above my fireplace mantle. It shows raw emotion, humor and empathy— she is a wonderful painter and I am proud to have her art in my collection."

Wendy Erickson

Publisher/Editor at The Handmade Photograph

Commercial Work

"Let me say that working with Amy on my website has transformed what is usually a very unpleasant and complicated experience (I am very detail oriented and have high expectations) into a relaxed and fun collaboration which has yielded exactly the results I was envisaging. She is not only a very good programmer and SEO specialist, but also has a keen eye for the artistic, coming from an art background. I quickly learned that her suggestions were the best solution for my problems but she also was very aware of what I wanted and included everything I needed in my site. She made me feel not only as a client but as a friend, a fact that hasn’t influenced our business relationship in any way. This was my second project with her and my returning business should be the best testimony to her abilities. I highly recommend Amy for any of your projects and rest assured that it will be what you always wanted but never got. This time you will."

Stefan Badulescu


"In 2010, I requested Amy Adams’ services in designing and developing my website www.jamesduvalier.com. Throughout the entire process, I was deeply impressed by Ms. Adams’ professionalism and skill as a designer/developer. Not only was she able to conceive of a spectacular site design complete with imagery and color schemes that perfectly captured the mood and feel of my products and services, but thanks to her expert coding skills, potential clients began to find me within days of my site’s official launch. I credit much of my business’s success to Ms. Adams’ quality work."

James Duvalier

Author & Paranormal Researcher

"Incredible to work with. A hidden gem of great communication, patient teaching, advice, suggestions, ideas, and talent. Very easy to work with and the deliverable was far beyond my initial expectations. I started knowing nothing about color identity - now I feel confident in using the information that Amy provided to better convey/grow the company!"


Fantastic Dads