The Sin-eater, a virtual memorial

The project requires the public to participate and is a memorial. Originally called My Hometown, then The Memory Memorial, through the last years, it became The Sin-eater.

For a long period of time I have been wanting to realise an interactive art memorial project for people who died by means that are considered taboo — drug overdose, suicide, murdered (when participating in actions related to drugs), etc. — you get the picture. Those instances where shame and shock are experienced by those who were left behind, the people who loved them & perhaps even at times — might even have felt relief resulting perhaps with guilt (for even having that thought.)

One of the tasks of the sin eater is to save the dead from walking the earth as ghosts.

The idea had been in my mind for a long period of time and started with this short video created in 2008 and an attempt to get funding from the Franklin Furnace Fund in early 2009 without success. It’s gone through a long path and has still not been realised — YET. It comes in fits and starts.​​ It had a lot of interest and its own website for one year. It’s time will come, it just won’t die.

Introduction Video

An introduction and original video was created in 2006, then this one in 2009.

Creating the Virtual Memorial

which will ultimately lead to a public display in the physical realm as well.


Project Posted

After posting a short video explaining the basis of the project, each month, 2x each month during a period of 12–18 months new creative exercises will be posted. Anyone can complete and submit an exercise.


Submissions are public on the site

All of the contributions from the public will be posted individually as they come in. Contributions can be public or anonymous.


Works Compiled

Some works will be compiled into new multi-media works, for example, a series of collage images may be brought together to compose a video or a mix of audio files will be edited together.

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